Kawaii Diversions..

Kawaii Diversions..


The World of Dyspraxia

Photo: At times, dyspraxics experience a hazy sense of space, even of time.


Dyspraxia has often been called the hidden disorder because unlike other disabilities, there are no immediate physical manifestations on the child or adult suffering from it. Dyspraxics suffer from poor motor coordination skills, spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination. Because I have been dyspraxic since I was young, I often have trouble with my dreaded subject, PE. In UP (University of the Philippines), students were given the chance to choose their PE classes so I chose those that did not require complex  body balancing. Among these Sport activities which could be doable for dyspraxics are Aerobics, Weight Training and Basic Social Dance. Because of a reverse effect on the brain wherein the left and right hemispheres do not communicate normally, many dyspraxics may actually become very good on a subject or field that does not require complex hand-eye coordination or body synchronization.  Based on my research, famous dyspraxics include Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and Albert Einstein.

Being dyspraxic has motivated me to communicate with other dyspraxics from around the world. I have learned so much from our discussions on Yahoo Groups. One things that I learned is that in the UK, the rights of people with disabilities are taken care of by their government. First, if you are dyspraxic, the UK government will require your school to make a careful assessment of your physical abilities vis-a-vis your academic abilities. Then a specialized program of study will be designed for you so that you’ll not have much trouble dealing with one’s disability at school where majority of students may not be experiencing the same physical condition. Secondly, if you apply for a job, the prospective employer is required to give you a form that guarantees you an interview regardless of your disability, as long as you can perform the minimal physical requirements of the job. I’m not sure though if something similar is planned in the Philippine setting.

If you are dyspraxic like me or suffering from a disability, I suggest joining a Facebook Group for dyspraxics. Just type “dyspraxia” at the Facebook search bar. Join a dyspraxia support group and be prepared to learn much from kindred from around the world.

thoughts from a non-ivy league graduate

i have a lot of thoughts. but the problem is i dont have access to the “best” networks – i am not an ivy league graduate, not one of those harvard alumni who get paid a million dollars to speak before an audience for like, 20 minutes. but i want my voice to be heard. perhaps in the eyes of the gods of the academe, i am just a self-proclaimed intellectual from the “south” – today’s euphemism for the “third world”. i want to blog because in a world where the third world is marginalized, my hope is still pure. i believe in a future where everything will be a lot, lot more ok. even for the most marginalized of voices in my part of the world.