Poetic Diversions: Dedicated to U

To forget

When remembering

Is happier.

To let go

When holding on

Is easier.

The toughest things

one has to do.

All for the sake

of bidding goodbye

to  you.


Poetic Diversions 5: Saying Goodbye to my Teenage Dream Guy


Saying Goodbye to my Teenage Dream Guy


Out of school, out of work

I went back to a particular place in my hometown,

The site of pleasant memories of carefree growing-up years

The time I met the perfect guy

That time, the only one who could make me smile.

He has left the place

And all I have are memories

Of a time when the only thing that could make me smile

Is the presence of this perfect guy.

Poetic Diversions 2

Smile 2

by sweettring

Your smile

So careless

So carefree

Masks the

Thousand and


Things you


The thousand and

one things you

Don’t understand.

I am lost

Because I am

not sure

about the things


know about


how much

you care

to understand…

How I really

feel about you…

How much I love

you deep in my heart.