Poetic Diversions: Dedicated to U

To forget

When remembering

Is happier.

To let go

When holding on

Is easier.

The toughest things

one has to do.

All for the sake

of bidding goodbye

to  you.


My Favorite-Book List: #1) Louise Gluck: The First Four Books of Poems (a collection of poems by Louise Gluck)


This book is a must-have for literature enthusiasts¬†looking for the best poetry with themes most women would easily relate to. I am a very ardent admirer of the author’s writing.. She definitely deserves the stature accorded to her in US poetry.

Here is one of the poems from the book:

The Pond

Night covers the pond with its wing.
Under the ringed moon I can make out
your face swimming among minnows and the small
echoing stars. In the night air
the surface of the pond is metal.

Within, your eyes are open. They contain
a memory I recognize, as though
we had been children together. Our ponies
grazed on the hill, they were gray
with white markings. Now they graze
with the dead who wait
like children under their granite breastplates,
lucid and helpless:

The hills are far away. They rise up
blacker than childhood.
What do you think of, lying so quietly
by the water? When you look that way I want
to touch you, but do not, seeing
as in another life we were of the same blood.